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Evolution Bioscience | Core Services: Investors
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Core Services: Investors

Evolution Bioscience act as trusted partners to independent investors, venture capital firms and investment houses across the globe.

Our services to the Biotech Investment Community are focused on providing market intelligence and valuation services that de-risk Bio & Healthcare opportunities and maximise stakeholder returns. Central to our approach is the application of our detailed knowledge of the Biotechnology market to provide real-world assessments of a given opportunity’s potential as an investible proposition.

Evolution Bioscience operate with clients on a legally-binding, strictly confidential basis. Our scale, scope, knowledge and extensive industry experience enable us to deliver bespoke market intelligence and valuation solutions tailored to the complex demands and challenges that our clients face.


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  • Investment Plan Due Diligence
    Comprehensive strategic analysis to enable effective decision making

    Evolution Bioscience’s thorough due diligence process encompasses a commercial viability assessment, intellectual asset analysis, financial appraisals and a comprehensive evaluation of the business plan and human capital involved. Ultimately the process seeks to enable effective decision making by providing investors with a clear understanding of the business proposition, capacity to deliver and the expected payback.

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  • Provision of Investment Opportunities
    Numerous global opportunities pass our desks every day

    Numerous global investment opportunities pass our desks every day. Evolution Bioscience analysts specialise in carefully selecting opportunities that offer ‘reasonable’ risk vs. return profiles for investors seeking to strengthen their portfolio.

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  • Biotech Stock Evaluation
    Intrinsic value analysis for long term share growth

    The Biotech markets are volatile and often irrational. Trading in the short term can overvalue or undervalue stock on the basis of supply vs. demand dynamics. We work with clients who wish to take a longer term view with regards to investment in biotech. This view is based on the market opportunity discounted for risk rather than unpredictable, fluctuating MarCap values.

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  • Global Talent Provision
    Executive recruitment & headhunting solutions

    At Evolution we pride ourselves on sourcing elite candidates using live market intelligence rather than searching through an outdated CV database. Our sister company, Evolution Global Talent Attraction, approaches each role individually, generating a bespoke plan of action to ensure our clients attract, hire and retain the best talent the industry has to offer.


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