Our services to both universities & healthcare organisations are dedicated to help support the development of the ideas and innovations that are the lifeblood of Biotech industry.

We offer support at all stages from assessment of early ideas for commercial potential, through to assisting with licensing and spin-out activity.


We operate with clients on a legally-binding, strictly confidential basis. Our comprehensive understanding of the biotechnology industry is built on decades of scientific and commercial industry experience.

In general, our work with industry is focused on providing accurate, evidence-based global intelligence via analysis of the market structure, the customers, and the competition.


Our services to the Biotech Investment Community are focused on providing deep market analysis to maximise investor return.

Central to our approach is the application of detailed knowledge of the Biotechnology market, to provide a real world assessment of a given opportunity’s potential as an investible proposition.


Our services to Start-Up Biotechs are focused on ensuring that a company is investor ready, has a comprehensive business plan and the required human capital in place to gain favourable investment.

Evolution Bioscience can provide the confidence and the guidance to help overcome complex strategic challenges. Via our global investment network, we can also offer access to sophisticated investors with an interest in Biotechnology.